For the Adjuster

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The Dent Mirror

How the Dentmirror does save you time
when you as ADJUSTER inspect a car!

The Easy To Handle And Foldable Dentmirror Helps You!

  • Usable with all types of DAYLIGHT either a blue or grey sky
  • All dents are visible in seconds as soon you hold the DENTMIRROR over the car or truck
  • All dents including the smallest ones are counted
  • The exact impact and size of a dent Is visible
  • Any guessing is avoided
  • The Inspection is done in a much shorter time
  • Easy documentation of all dents with a camera
  • The exact counting are a time saver in discussions with a technician, customer or body shop manager
All field inspections either for a single car or at as part of
Emergency Response Team are fast and easy to handle!